Gambling – Since Adam Was a Boy


When internet is a dust bin, then a significant budding one: cultural phenomena of most times are dumped here. Let’s accept card games there are lots of them at the net: on-line-casinos and on-line-clubs hold numerous on-line-draws along with on-line-tournaments respectively. But playing cards are cultural heritage.

No matter we need that or maybe not, however credit cards historically appeared to be a typical illustration of Vice. As stolen delights are the sweetest, than there is no man more interesting, compared to inveterate gambler or cardsharper. In France a fire for match climaxed sometimes of Louis XVI, monarch and grandees set a good example . Cardsharping prospered and a game, for example at the court. And it was strict laws against card table games, signed and issued by the identical monarch! One might be sentenced, fined for 3000 livres, disentitled of civil rights, discharged from town for gaming and maintaining of a room. According to these card debts and also various obligations weren’t valid; parents had the right to recover money from people, their kids lost some amount . But that has been thought of as particularly disgraceful among aristocracy – a card table debt was a matter of honor, and should be covered. Even regarding bankruptcy the initial debts to pay were card-table debts; failure to pay for all of the remaining ones wasn’t disgraceful.

The passion for gaming Online Casino dominated at the epoch of French revolution. National Assembly in 1791 prohibited all gambling, setting strict punitive measures, therefore maybe not for players, except for the proprietors of gambling dens as well as for its tenants, who would not inform of a gambling game occurring in a home. But every revolution is equally as cruel, as hypocritical – a republican government requested scripted David to improve the sorts of handmade cards, existing in France from the XV century. Kings were substituted by war, commerce, world, along with artwork geniuses wearing Phrygian caps. Ladies – by figures, representing freedom of religions, press, marriage and trades; the allegories of all the countries, rights, duties and races replaced four jacks. Later card table manufacturers replaced kings by philosophers and writers, ladies by virtues, jacks by the famous republicans. A directory started to enable launching of gaming-houses, after which farming them out, thus from 1804 out of tax-farmers 25 percents levied in behalf on inferior.

Generally speaking credit cards looked different from what they are actually. It is regarded that they seemed in Europe in the XIV century by the Moslem world or, even on other edition, in gypsies, as a log in Tarot, then they certainly were modified. And in general out of 78 Tarot cards stayed only 52 cards of ordinary log or 54 in a log with just two jokers (but, the theory of Tarot cards origin is arguable, however Tarot – really is a disputable topic generally, and that’s exactly why we’ll leave it). At the beginning of the XVII century at Henry II that they began to decorate a playing card insure with the small dotted decoration, attempting to prevent marking them (however it didn’t help). Double-headed playing cards (with mirror images) emerged in Italy from the XVII century; however that they came into common use only in the middle of the XIX century.

In the nineteenth century experiments with cards design lasted: in 1813 cards, representing Napoleon’s wars, were first created in France. There was a circular medallion with the stages of battles and portrait busts of country and also soldiery figures on every card (Marmont, Talleyrand etc.).

Now, with wide spread online game, poetry and aesthetics of card table game emerged under threat of absolute disappearance. Where is that passion, that insane ardour, once the players had been ready to lose money, public money and wives? Where is that profound interest in bribes, penalties, rubbers in the opinion of intellectual players? One can’t lose a wife online and watch the opinion of the player! However, it maybe for the most useful – infact when credit cards one has to be careful and self-seeking (One may need a wife still!) But age of deadly amorous losses has probably gone. However the prevalence of cards games develops plus one can guess the revival of culture that is gone there.

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