Top Three Poker Training Sites

Selecting the best poker training site is very difficult because it really depends upon what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to become a better all-around poker player then your decision becomes a bit easier. If you’re only looking for videos on a specific topic such as heads-up poker, your options become more difficult. We’re going to take a look at the top three poker training sites based on the amount of content offered, variation of the content offered, community features and of course pricing Online betting malaysia.

· CardRunners is without question the #1 poker training site on the market. They’ve been around longer then any other site in the industry and therefore have the biggest selection of training materials. Poker players that join CardRunners will be able to watch over 2000 poker training videos on a variety of poker topics such as cash game strategy, tournament strategy and much more. You can potentially receive a free subscription to CardRunners, but even if you need to pay the membership fees, it only costs $30/month (+$100 Sign-Up Fee).

· PokerVT is another extremely popular site in the poker training industry and rank #2 on our list. The sites lead instructor is the popular poker pro Daniel Negreanu. Most of the poker strategy videos and content are geared towards Holdem players, but other games are covered. When you join PokerVT you’ll receive an exclusive Holdem course designed by none other then Negreanu himself. You also gain access to over 1000+ training videos, podcasts, articles and more. It costs $150 for the 1st three months of your membership, which is quite costly for new players, but after the initial three months it only costs $30/month.

· For our #3 ranked poker training site, we’d like to show you guys DragTheBar. This site is a little over a year old now, but they’ve become a leader in the market. The goal of DragTheBar is to become a place where any poker player can come to learn something new. They instructors have been providing a lot of great video content over the past year and the owners have also been buying up video databases when available. DragTheBar now features over 500+ poker strategy videos and it won’t be long before they break the 1000 video milestone. With no sign-up fees and a $30/month subscription fee, DragTheBar provides excellent value.

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